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Yichun to the moon hill bus line schedule

      Yichun to the moon hill Wentang town (Hot Springs Resort) bus line K116, K118 a total of 2 lines, bus starting station in YiChun Railway Station under the viaduct, the moon Avenue 15 kilometers to reach the Wentang Town, about 20~25 minutes, (K116 only to Mingyue Mountain Wentang Town, K118 can reach the moon hill, at the foot of the mountain) the hot water to the town of Mingyue Mountain at the foot of the mountain 15 kilometers, about 20 minutes of time

      Yichun city to the scenic direction:

      Yichun departure time: K116 bus the morning 6:10 start, K118 bus at 6:00 in the morning of departure. The average 15~20 minutes.

      Yichun is the last time: K116 bus last 17:30 start, K118 bus last 16:30 start

      Hot water to Yichun city the direction of K116 bus:

      Departure time: hot water, hot water for the last time at 7:00 in the morning departure: the last 18:00 start

      The Moon Mountain Scenic Area (the foot) to Yichun city the direction of K118 bus:

      Mingyue Mountain departure time: 7:15 in the morning departure, Mingyue Mountain last time: the last 17:45 start (about 20 minutes into the hot water on and off, and then to Yichun city)

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