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Mingyue Mountain small crispy fish

      Wild river fish is cooked with common household spices. Small garlic taste fish is made with, fresh garlic leaf for removing Fishy Flavor, embellished with fresh red pepper. Garlic taste small fish with colorful and spicy salty moderate, aroma, tempt your taste buds.

      People in Jiangxi like to dry river-fish, or pickled salted fish, this is a major one of the features of Jiangxi.

      1,wash the river fish, drain water (directly rub with kitchen absorbent paper to save time);

      2, the fresh garlic leaves is cut into pieces, ginger, diced fresh red pepper cut into irregular pieces;

      3, oil in the pan till the 70% boiling hot, put the little fish in the pan fried until golden brown, take out and drain oil for further use;

      4, Leave a  small bit of oil in the pan, put red chili of garlic and ginger for fragrant, then put back fried small river fish into the pot and stir fry;

      5, fry for a while with wine, sugar, then put salt, basil sauce and light soy sauce;

      6, and finally put into the fresh garlic leaf and MSG, then done.

Nutrition ingredient:

      1, wild fish, delicious taste, high nutritional value, rich in protein and amino acid content , the content of vitamin A and minerals are also very rich, also contains the necessity ion for human being,like potassium, calcium, and sodium.

      2, wild fishing is beneficial for wisdom effect can improve iq.

      3, eat wild fish can prevent cardiovascular disease.

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