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“the feast of the moon” feel of the tongue

      "Moon banquet" feeling the moon jumping at the tongue tip

      Come on, friends, to feel the bright moon jump at your tongue tip, to experience the "moon banquet" all in Jiangxi Mingyue Mountain international hot spring holiday hotel.
      A small town, nestled at the foot of the moon mountain, disseminated in the dim moonlight. Yichun, this pleasant name like spring,with a faint moonlight veil, "Moon" was her maiden name, give you an infinite reverie.
      “Everywhere you can find the moon, but the moon at Yichun is most bright". Looking for the moonb in Spring city, look, the moon, sprinkle with tiny spots of light in the darkness; listen, resonant song, the Moon Festival is in the wonderful stage; Travelling, the winding stone guiding visitors to the top of moon mountain; eat, that full table of “moon scene”, make diners greedy and could not help immediately.
      Ancient cloud: "food and sex is a human nature”,
       As the diet gradually becomes a kind of life style, today, people also give it a lot of cultural meaning and spiritual color. For seven years of the Moon Festival, the Yichun was made into a strong cultural characteristics moon city. Therefore, "eating" in Yichun also appeared to be a warm moonlight.
"The origin of the moon banquet"
      What to eat in Yichun? This is a big problem. It related to Yichun’s characteristics, culture and popularity. As everyone knows, Yichun has "one hill" and "festival", nameed the Mingyue Mountain and the moon culture festival. From the inspiration of smart Yichun people: why Yichun, do not to create a "moon feast" since there is "lamb " in other place ?How good a "moon feast " is! Use the month as the name and reputation,. Behind this poetic name it also contains cultural of the moon. The mixture of diet with the moon culture, make feast a part of the moon culture.
The Golden Rooster crow to the moon
      To convert the concept of "moon banquet" into tangible moon banquet dishes, it cannot do without a careful research and technology. Amount many catering enterprises in Yichun, Xinjiahe Grand  Hotel takes promoting Jiangxi cuisine culture, establishing the Jiangxi cuisine brand as its own duty, By virtue of fine material, careful process, it becomes the creative team of "moon banquet" Therefore, planning by Ren Taoying the Chairman of People's Congress Standing Committee in Yichun City, so called as “Moon sister " together with Yichun Xinjiahe Grand Hotel a "moon banquet" with  sweet, salty meat, plain, dishes was created.
Luoyue shake feeling
      Dishes and "month" of the story
      Since it is the bright moon banquet dishes, certainly cannot do without "month". The goddess of the moon, the moonlight in the lotus pond, fish for the moon in the water, bamboo shadow, Yao Chi Mu month, dragon chasing the moon, moon Shou, beautiful - - - more than 20 "Moon" dinner dishes absorb essence refines the moon culture festival activities, the absorption of Mingyue Mountain charming landscape elements, also absorb the history classic story; dishes are "month", the meaning is even more commendable. "Moon banquet" exquisite dishes, taste of the dishes, delicious taste, neat challenge people's senses, catering to ascend to the diet culture level, let the moon at the tip of the tongue is lead a person to endless aftertastes rise and dance in a happy mood.
More than a month
      Almonds reunion, good wishes into table that sweet fruit cup -- the "elixir of love". Eating fruit before meals is good for the body absorb nutrition, to achieve the purpose of weight loss. Therefore, the "elixir of love" became "moon banquet" first dishes. Small round watermelon is chef ingeniously carved out of a stack of peony flowers, melon body rightly engraved with the "elixir of love" the four words. Uncover the melon cup, internal containing various round watermelon ball, dragon fruit, grapes and other fruit fresh ball. This dish a unique shape, taste sweet, meaning reunion, happy life, happy family. Eat a dish mouth sweet, heart not more sweet?
Bamboo shadow
      Moon Legend is well known. According to the epic records, Mingyue Mountain the origin of the moon legend. With professional carving skill, "Chang E" reproduced on our kitchen table: white disc placed a statue carved, vivid Chang E, a large sesame ball stand aside. Ma round sesame ball is daily snacks here, it is a symbol of the moon. As if The goddess of the Moon Fairy ethereal, the guests can not help to imagine the moon picture, and good of love.
      "The water-like moonlight flow silently over the leaves and flowers. The thin blue mist floating up on the lotus pond. Leaves and flowers as if they have just washed in milk......" So romantic and peaceful picture from the well-known writer, Zhu Ziqing. Beautiful prose "Moonlight over the lotus pond" performance on the food became a smooth small lotus root pill, putting in the white porcelain spoon, with realistic lotus, lotus leaf, Seedpod of the lotus, lotus root carving, and that a small lotus root pills, just like sprinkled moonlight between leaves! Light and shadow harmonious melodies in the guests ears ", just like famous music over violin .What a beautiful life prospect!
      Moonlight over the lotus pond
      The legendary temple has a pool, a fairy bathing place. In the bright moon banquet, we can enjoy "Bathing in Yao chi pool". Transparent glass on wood tray filled with boiled Rena Spinoza, seemingly mundane but with mystery. Put hot water into tea pot, suddenly curl white seething rises, durian like Yao Chi wonderland. The Mystery is the small teapot filled with a small amount of dry ice. Dry ice meet with hot water, sublimate into water mist, Wonderland is on the table vividly, surprising. In fact, there also has a pool on earth, that is Wentang Town at the foot Yichun bright moon mountain, where the selenium springs perennial water vapor filled, guests from the distant admiring in the foot bath, bath, enjoy the blood circulation of the whole body, feeling comfortable, happy like a fairy!
      Amount the "Moon" dinner dishes, and a very down to earth dish named -- "four-stars surround the moon ",Using food with Steamed Pork with Rice as main material, the bottom of steamer is covered with Yichun Tuzha powder, Steamed Pork with Rice is over Tuzha powder, next to it are the four dishes filled with bean curd, salted egg or preserved egg, bamboo shoots sweet potato balls, or such local snacks in Yichun, very down to earth, highlight the regional characteristics in Yichun. This dish was named actually by Mao Zedong as"four star moon". It is said that Mao Zedong, eat spicy pork braised in brown sauce. In 1929, he arrived in Xingguo County with a platoon guard, county leaders Chen Qihan, Hu Can invited Mao Zedong try a traditional dish "steamer rice fish". Dishes on the table, Mao Zedong saw fried peanuts, bamboo shoots stir fried meat, fried egg ,four dish around a bottle with a fillet of bamboo steamer.after tasting Mao Zedong caters to this taste, ask the name of dish, Hu Chan said: "home cooking, no name, steamed fish called powder fish." Then Chen Qihan ask him to name it. Mao Zedong said, four small dishes around the big steamer, like the stars around the moon, he name it as "four-star moon" . From then on, dish with Hakka flavor in Xingguo County is listed in Chinese menu, it has also become one of a Zhongnanhai in the banquet dishes. It is according to the "four star moon", through innovation and improvement, a special dish "four-star holding on moon" was made.
      The monkeys are touching the moon in the water is a story text for pupils, Amount the "moon banquet" dishes  there is a dish named "fish for the moon in the water",this dish make Jiaoban potato into a small ball, with sweet pea and wolfberry boiled into soup, just like the moon in water, and two monkeys are trying to fishing for the moon! The unique shape of the dishes "Lotus month rhyme", selecting green food of bean dregs as main material, with golden yellow egg skin wrapped bean dregs, decorated with lotus leaf feel like the moon is hold up by lotus, Fragrance is left on the lips. Feeling the bright moon charm”. Dragon chasing the moon" which was made with carrot into a shape of a dragon, this dish is healthy and distinctive". Tortoise worship the moon" is associated with the Mid Autumn worship ceremony during Moon Festival In folk culture, Tortoise is a symbol of health and longevity.
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