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“the feast of the moon” feel of the tongue

Come on, friends, to feel the bright moon in the tip of the tongue to jump, to experience the "moon banquet" style CLS, all in Jiangxi Min... (2014-12-31)

Mingyue Mountain small crispy fish

Mingyue Mountain crispy small fish Wild river fish firing a common household spices can be. Small fish like garlic, fresh garlic le... (2014-12-31)

Mingyue Mountain smoked bacon

Mingyue Mountain smoked bacon production process: Mingyue Mountain smoked bacon best time in October each year to February next yea... (2014-12-31)

Artemisia selengensis stir-fried smoked pork

Artemisia is a kind of wild aquatic plants in Poyang Lake area special, each spring March, Yichun special preference for Artemisia selenge... (2014-11-04)

Yichun large steamed stuffed bun

Yichun large steamed stuffed bun is famous snacks in Yichun, with its unique taste to many citizens and tourists friends friends be unable... (2014-11-04)

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