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Shuntian Grand Metro park Resort Hotel,Mingyue Mountian Jian

Mingyue Mountain Shun Tianwei International Resort Hotel is a five-star standards according to invest in the construction of large-scale c... (2014-12-31)

The Mingyue Mountain hot spring sanatorium

Jiangxi Provincial Bureau of Geology and mineral resources the moon mountain hot spring sanatorium (referred to as: ore treatment, mineral... (2014-12-31)

Mingyue Mountain Wuyue chain hotel

Five Yue scenic hotel chain (Yichun shop) (formerly Bo Hotel) is located in Yichun Moon Mountain Scenic Area, West Jiang Yuan Bei Lu, sout... (2014-12-31)

Mingyue Mountain Moon River Resort Hotel

Moon River resort hotel is a leisure, vacation, tourism as one of the major tourist reception hotel, located in the mountain road Wentang ... (2014-12-31)

Yichun Hot spring workers' sanatorium (Gujing Villa)

Jiangxi province Yichun hot spring sanatorium treatment of workers is at the level, membership in the Jiangxi Provincial Federation of tra... (2014-11-04)

The MingYue Mountain Xianju Resort

Xianju bright moon - health institute! Xianju Mountain Resort is located in the moon moon street Moon Mountain Scenic Area, adjacent to th... (2014-11-04)

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