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Mingyue Mountain Grand canyon rafting

      Mingyue Mountain Grand canyon rafting to the natural landscape as the backing, sets leisure, summer, summer vacation as one of the tourism project, as the old saying goes, benevolent, wise water music, Mingyue Mountain canyon rafting source in the mountains, between the source in water, landscape, into nature's perfect, is the best place for your leisure, vacation!

      The starting point of the project is located in the hot water rafting Zhen Shui Kou Cun river source, only 1 km away from the Wentang Town, only 12 kilometers from the moon mountain, drift length of 3.1 kilometers, a drop of 238 meters, the way rapids 20, highest fall amounts to 23 meters, and lasted for about 1.5 hours. The original ecological river rafting is located in high mountain gorge, natural vegetation, good, beautiful scenery, the river drop is big, the thrills. Mingyue Mountain canyon rafting by domestic experts rely on natural canyon rafting professional build and become, at home and abroad have the most stylish "S" type, moon arc type, dynamic type, type, type of surfing gliding 10 kinds of drifting style, strong stimulation to let you truly experience the endless charm of drifting. At the same time, using unique technology to design the buffer zone, deceleration zone, each buffer zone strike up waves let you feel cool in the hot sun, which not only solves the hidden safety trouble of playing, but also increases the dynamic fun to play, thrilling a degree of relaxation. In the stimulation, adventure, be good to hear or see, really feel a cool, a natural.

In order to protect the tourist's personal and property security, let visitors interest to tourists, satisfied, please consciously abide by the following notice.

1 Mingyue Mountain Grand canyon rafting river is divided into two sections: drift floating pier one one one half-way rest pier one one one terminal floating dock, the entire 3.1 km, drift time 90 minutes, three or four genera of river, along the river channel is equipped with nursing staff drift.

2 river drifting through rigorous testing, modification, the use of drifting equipment product qualified state inspection, in accordance with the "notice" as long as tourists with nursing staff drift work, will be able to secure the drift.

In 3 because of drifting wet is inevitable, so be sure to please tourists carry replacement clothing, wear non slip shoes advisable. Wear glasses visitors, please prepare a rubber band, when drifting buckle at the back of the head, so as to avoid the loss of.

4 tourists booking drift. According to the requirements of the industry, please tourists buy personal accident insurance.

5 to buy a good ticket, in the locker room changing clothes and shoes good drifting drifting, and valuables and afraid of the water storage, shall not be brought to drift.

6 visitors ticket for life-saving drifting equipment, ticket on board; tourists put into float zone, under the guidance of the staff, please queue up, enter in order, avoid pushing, encroach upon impact safety; check-in please tourists lifejackets, wear a good helmet, flow process shall not be arbitrarily removed the safety helmet and a life jacket.

7 drink prohibited drift.

8 drifting in the process, to steady the boat, hold the handrail, after about balance, prevent collision drowning. Not to sit in the boat along the stand or optionally disembark to swim, not even a boat adrift.

The 9 fight, must not be allowed to disembark in the ship, shall not be used to hit each other, paddle boats and personnel; turbulent rapids near not allowed to fight.

10 drift should pay attention on both sides of a cue card, emergency preparation in advance, follow the nursing staff drift on both sides of the command.

If encounter capsized, 11 when drifting don't panic, should the horse upstream to the nearest bank, your nearest nursing staff drift will immediately come to the rescue.

12 tourists drifting to an end, as a slight injury, please immediately apply traumatic; if Ougan cold, scenic area general with ginger tea, please drink, or to the medical room to take medicine.

13.16 years of age or less than 1.4 meters tall children and over 55 years of age or body weak elderly, pregnant women and other women's menstrual period if the water wet tourists, river A segment declined drift; heart disease, high blood pressure, mental disease, dementia, people with disabilities and the cold has a fever, tourists, Xie vast drift.

14 rainy days, night not float. In case of bad weather, the wind above grade 4, flash struck endangers safety situation, scenic spots must terminate drift. Affected by natural factors such as weather, manpower irresistible reasons caused the cost of the trip please tourists themselves, make every effort to help resolve the difficulties encountered in the scenic area.

15 scenic areas in the implementation of pre reception system, according to the season, the reception capacity and the change of weather, adjust the opening and closing floating time. For the convenience of tourists, travel agencies, the individual can advance booking and consultation.

16 the prohibition to the scenic area, river throwing rubbish, protect the scenic spot environment is our common responsibility.

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