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Mingyue Mountain welcoming tea

      Mingyue Mountain welcoming tea tea is the 2008 Chinese Yichun Mingyue Mountain second moon festival and trade activities Week Organizing Committee for mining and promoting the local culture of Yichun, around the "agricultural phase fun - People moon Huan" theme, carefully designed and made the moon Culture Festival gifts.

      This set of gifts by the Mingyue Mountain welcoming tea and tea sets composition. Mingyue Mountain welcoming tea, originated from Tang Dynasty, flourishing in Song Dynasty, dating back more than one thousand years of production history, made from soya beans, ginger, Chinese toon, dried carrot, sesame five food modulation, meaning Five blessings descend upon the house, with Wish your kids a promising future., thirst Sheng Jin, stomachic, invigorating spleen and dispelling cold work effect. In the Southern Song Dynasty, the emperor emperor Zhao Gou birthday, was born in Xia Jia Fang Cun, Mingyue Mountain emperor Xiaozong queen summer cloud Gu's brother -- Fengguo Jiedushi summer enforcement in this tea as tribute entered deep Gaozong loved. Since then, the moon hill welcoming tea in the palace and folkloric Festival, until now still in the area, the top grade Yingbin wedding guests.

      Mingyue Mountain welcoming tea tea by the "four" meticulously. The cup to the moon is a native of Yichun paper-cut master -- the creation of "the twelve zodiac trouble on" paper-cut patterns as the basis, by the master process China porcelain -- Jingdezhen and carefully designed to limit firing; tea tray by China bamboo -- Zhejiang Ji'an professional manufacturers design; TSP by development -- Shenzhen Gold Jewelry Co. Ltd. professional production. This set of gift set, both traditional and modern, the fusion of traditional cultural characteristics and process of the essence of the Chinese four, set collection, appreciation, knowledge, entertainment, is the Jiapin collection, appreciation, gifts.

      This gift from the second moon Culture Festival has nearly 3000 sets of sales, by the vast numbers of tourists and the public's favorite.

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