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Tickets rules

A、General ticket price and applicable rules:

1、the fare: 120 yuan / person – entrance.

2、for everyone.

3、 for one person, one entrance in the dedicated day.

B、half-price ticket and applicable rules:

1、the fare: 60 yuan / person – entrance.

2、High-school and above educated student with student ID I (excluding for graduate students, doctoral, master's and serving colleges and universities, correspondence, TVU, self study university students).

3、Yichun citizen (including urban counties) with ID card (except public holidays and Saturday Sunday).

4、children with height between 120 cm to 140 cm.

5、Approved team.

6、For one person, one entrance in the dedicated day.

C、free ticket and applicable rules:

1、Children with height under 1.2 meter (including 1.2 meters).

2、people above 70 years old (with the ID card).

3、 the disabled (by disability certificate).

4、Servicemen, Disabled soldiers (with valid certificate).

5、with valid national tour permit, manager license and leader card personnel.

6、Media & News reporters (with press card issued by the State Press and Publication Administration).

7、for one person, one entrance in the dedicated day.


Effective from December 1st, 2011.

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