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Scenic spots

Moon Bay Culture Garden


 For Yueliangshan Moon Culture Exhibition Center, Moon Bay Culture Garden covers 380 mu, including ten scenic spots such as Mingyue Square, Moon Street, Moonlight over the Lotus Pond, the Moon Reflected in Er-Quan, New Laurel Park, Chinese Zodiac in the Moon, the Moon in Bamboo Grove, Moon Phase in Stele Forest, Willow Moon and Dusk, and Yungu Bathing in Moonlight, as well as large parking lot.

Yungu Bathing in Moonlight Statue


Yungu Bathing in Moonlight is sculptured according to the image of Empress of Emperor Xiaozong in the Southern Song Dynasty, who was a village girl before she was selected to imperial palace. Xia Yungu (1133 A.D.-1167A.D.) was born in Xiajiafang of Mingyue Mountain, with nickname of Mingyue. Due to her beauty, goodness and wisdom, she was selected as the maid by Empress of Emperor Gaozong in the Southern Song Dynasty in Shaoxing 19th year (1149 A.D.), and then she was married to crown prince Zhao Shen, titled as marquise of Qi’an County. Emperor Xiaozong (Zhao Shen) succeeded to the throne in Longxing first year (1163 A.D.), therefore Xia Yungu was titled as imperial concubine and Empress Chenggong in Longxing 2nd year.

Moon Road


 Moon Road is a tourist line with the name interprets the moon, bamboo forest extended for 370m in the moonlight and the scenery is as beautiful as the picture. The winding path leads to quiet seclusion, your eyes are full of moss, the bamboos dance in their shadow, the water runs and the tourist may run into Chanjuan, Jade Dish, Su'e, Icy Kettle and other moon names. Just like different girls who sing to the moon, appreciate the lifeand think about ancient and modern times. It is like a poem and a dream and makes us relaxed.

Zhu Xi Poem Pavilion


 Zhu Xi (A.D.1130---A.D.1200) is a famous scholar, philosopher and educator in the Southern Song Dynasty. In A.D.1194, Zhu Xi gave lectures in the southeast--mentioned in Yangshan Siteng Pavilion. Affected by continuous mountains, Zhu Xi suddenly had an idea of poem and happily sang so as to compose the five-character poem On My Way to Yuanzhou in which Yuanzhou meant Yichun. Zhu Xi's lifetime and his five-character poem On My Way to Yuanzhou are introduced at Zhu Xi Poem Pavilion. The verses that "I walk in the field of Yichun and view towering mountains in surroundings" and the twelve zodiac animals are carved on the landscape stones at Zhu Xi Poem Pavilion so that the tourist can appreciate these verses.

Huangyue Bridge


 “Huangyue Bridge” which consists of 5,999 iron hoops has a total length of 66.8m and a width of 1.5m. It provided a beautiful landscape for this scenic spot. When you cross the bridge, you may feel that the moon is swaying with the bridge, and that is way this bridge is call “Huangyue Bridge”.

Scale Waterfall


 The waterfall pouring from the wide and tilted stone wall and forms thousands of scale-shaped water waves, and that is why it is called the “Waterfall like Scale”.

Yulong Waterfall


 The waterfall looks like a white massive dragon that goes back and forth between cliffs and mountain streams. The waterfall, the mountains and the forest sea enhance each other’s beauty and make up a bright and colorful landscape painting and that why it is call the “Yulong Waterfall”.

Feilian Waterfall


 Water of the waterfall that sprayed out from the long and narrow stone wall floats and flutters just like a white silk, and that is way it is called the “Feilian Waterfall”.

Yungu Waterfall


 The fall of Yungu Waterfall is 119.57m and it is the highest waterfall in the regions south of the Yangtze River. It is named “Yungu Waterfall” since its peak is surrounded by clouds and mist all year round and the water falls just like pouring water from the clouds.

Linglong Waterfall


 Looking at its small and exquisite appearance, like a shy maid in the mountain, slightly lean her body and hiding at the back of the big tree and mountain rock. So it is named “Linglong Waterfall”

The Xingyue Cave & Trestle over Blue Sky


 The Xingyue Cave is 150m long and located at the top of Mingyueshan with a total height of 1,500m. It is a natural stone cave which is warm in winter and cool in summer, and each season here seems like spring. At this place, the water in stream drizzles and drips and the stone road runs twists and turns and goes through from the cave. A 1,700m of Trestle over Blue Sky hangs across the “Dark Cloud Cliff”, due to which the tourists may have a feeling of “Come into the world splendidly” and “Rapidly go up in the world” and that is why it is called “Trestle over Blue Sky”.

Six Turtles Worship the Moon


 It is a huge stone which looks like six turtles in Yangxi River, so people call it “Six Turtles Worship the Moon”

The Moon Lake

 The Moon Lake is located near Mingyue Nunnery on the top of Mingyueshan, its altitude is 1,530m. In this place, there is a flat land, which is surrounded by mountains and there is only one bealock at the north. There is one retaining dam and one landscape lake- Moon Lake being built in this bealock in consideration of its terrain and landform, as well as better utilization of limited ground water resources in Mingyueshan tourism area. There is the reservoir at the upstream of dam site, and it is a broad flat land with area of about 60 mu; in the downstream, there is the valley and the river channel is steep, and there is a bluff at downward direction. It is a masonry gravity dam and the maximum dam height is 16.8m and the normal pool level is 1,525.2m.

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