The Mingyue Mountain tourist area, located about 15 kilometers southwest of Yichun City and the west of Jiangxi Province, is reputed as “One of the Livable City of China ”, “National Garden City”, “National Sanitation City”, “National Verdurization Model City” and “The best Leisure & Health city of China in 2010” . It covers 104 square kilometers, and consists of 12 peaks. The average height is over one kilometer and the height of the main peak(Taiping Mountain)is 1735.6 meters. The Mingyue Mountain scenic spot is also famous for the combination of peak、stone、forest、spring、waterfall、lake and bamboo, which is magnificent、distinctive、tranquil、precipitous and graceful......More>>

11over the Moon Lake in those mountains,the Moon bay under that mountain,the moon scenery along the way,everywhere manifests special emotion for the moon.

It's a hill which is called quanshan,With such ecological diversity,falls amazing;First waterfall in jiangnan, waterfall 119 meters drop valley.

In buddhism,the flower have five leaflets,three of these growing in Yichun.

According to the Southern Song Dynasty literature records, Mingyue Mountain Yangshan terrace is the world's oldest terrace.

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