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The Mingyue Mountain tourist district is situated in the yichun city of the central part of jiangxi province.The Mingyue Mountain located 15km southwest of the yichun city.The yichun city has won the the "Chinese livable city"," national garden city","national sanitary city","national model green city","the best leisure health city of china in 2010".The tourist district covers an area of some 104 square kilometres.The tourist district is made up of 12 different mountain peaks that stretch above the 1000m mark of level on the mountain,the main peak Tai Ping Shan is at an elevation of 1735.6 meters.The Mingyue Mountain tourist district integration laid the mountain,stone,forest, spring,waterfall,and lake,as on bamboo forest,are a complex mash up of grand,odd,quiet,insurance and beautiful, holds five "country the name" laurels:national scenic area,national 5A scenic areas,national forest park,national geological park and national natural heritage,are the nationwide demonstration base of self-driving travel,the most influential forest park,are china's first batch acquisition point at data of self-driving travel.The Mingyue Mountain tourist district noted for its emotion of moon,beautiful scenery attracted many people.The Mingyue Mountain tourist district is a mountain landscape scenic spot laid the ecological tour,leisure,and science education,as on religious tourism.

【moon culture romantic and beautiful】The Mingyue mountain named for moon, known for its moon.The moon culture was the heart and soul of the Mingyue mountain.The Mingyue mountain is a perfect example of the cultural heritage and natural scenery,henceforth will form a pattern of that "over the Moon Lake in those mountains,the Moon bay under that mountain,the moon scenery along the way,everywhere manifests special emotion for the moon".

【Natural scenery is fascinating】The Mingyue mountain mild climate, enjoys a subtropical humid monsoon climate, The mountains and water looks quite special.The annual average temperature is 12℃—15℃.The Mingyue mountain normally averages slightly above 3 feet for an entire year,makes it possible for plants and animals to grow.is noted for natural plants and animals garden.Because the good natural style maintaining a good state,vegetation flourishing,  the air negative ions whopping 20000 per cubic meter,that's 35 times greater than exposure standards set by national standards quality,what you called it "the natural oxygen bar".Now,development and infrastructural construction of TanXia scenic most advanced.There are bamboo forest over than 10000 acres.The height of the YunGu waterfall is 119.57 meters,ranked no.1 in jiangxi province.The view of the "LingLong waterfall","YunLin waterfall","YuLong waterfall",is gorgeous.

【zen culture has a profound history】JiHui hanh is one of the 5 group of the zen buddhism,he created QiYin temple on the Mingyue mountain in 841 a.d..For 1000 years, people have been deal with buddhist practice activities. There are many monks from many different countries studied buddhism. There are many visitors to the QiYin temple every year.Former president of china buddhist association chaired reconstruction,the QiYin temple was completed in the september of 2011.

【farming culture are ancient and thick】The farming culture of Mingyue mountain has a long history,the words "terraces" originated from Yang mountain of Mingyue mountain. The book《Tian gong kai wu》--it is regarded as encyclopedia in 17 century,the author of this book is from Yichun city.We built the Tiangongkaiwu Garden at the base of the Mingyue mountain.In light of this the book,turning Tiangongkaiwu Garden into a experience of park,is series of farming technology demonstrations,participate in traditional handicrafts.The Tiangongkaiwu Garden has three pavilions:exhibition hall,interactive hall,acting hall.

The Mingyue Mountain tourist district combines moon culture,zen culture and farming culture,creates blending mountains and the month,common to zen and moon,blended with spring and moon,conception.The Mingyue Mountain tourist district is a shinning pearl on the tourism development of jiangxi province.
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