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Mengyue Villa Hotel

Mengyue Villa is nearby the lake. Based on Chinese traditional architecture pattern of viewing water at the mountain, it is divided into main building and ancillary building in the pattern. The main building is a high standard reception building. When standing in it, you can overlook the whole Moon Lake from the depth. Guest room is arranged in split-level along the water level to form Chinese unique courtyard space. The ancillary building is located along the west. Luxury villa hotel extends to the east of main building. The Tour Road for landscape along the water level runs through each landscape node of rest, fishing and appreciation. Rafting on the lake, fishing nearby the lake and artificial sand make the Mengyue Villa more vigorous and exotic. 

Tianmu hot spring resort hotel
The large-scale outdoor garden style hot spring leisure tourism resort--Mingyue Mountain Tianmu hot spring resort in Jiangxi Mingyue Mountain Wentang hot spring resort invested by Tianmu group according to the four-star hotel standard is located in the beautiful Jiangxi Yichun Mingyue Mountain hot spring scenic area, the resort covers an area of 400 mu, convenient transportation, beautiful environment, is an ideal destination integrated with food, accommodation, playing, entertainment, treating and exercising for your travel and holiday, health care, food and beverage and business conference.
Mingyue Mountain Tianmu hot spring resort is also established nearly 200 sets of five star special guest rooms on the spring water, noble and elegant, the rooms are designed by adopting the world advanced hot spring geothermal heating, which are comfortable and novel, you can fully feel the warm satisfaction from "green environmental protection air conditioners". Tianmu hot spring resort is still specially established a conference center for the reception of various large, medium and small business meetings, a green dining hall and all kinds of characteristic restaurant comfortable seats even provide the tourists with a place for tasting mountain delicacies, and the characteristic delicacies make the people have much enjoyment and forget leaving.


Wuyue scenic spot chain hotel (Yichun Office )

Wuyue scenic spot chain hotel (Yichun Office )(the former Youliao sanatorium) is located in Yichun Mingyue Mountain hot spring scenic spot, west of Jiangyuan North road, south of Wentang cultural center, bordering Wentang town government, enjoys a fabulous location and beautiful scenery. The hotel has various guest rooms 99 in total, including deluxe standard rooms, deluxe single rooms, family rooms and triple rooms. The room is comfortable and tidy, equipped with air conditioner, domestic direct dial, electronic door lock system, network interface, LCTV, digital network system and 24 hours hot spring water supply. The hotel restaurant can accommodate 200 people for dining, and provides with characteristic of venison dishes. Jiangxi Bojing hotel (Yichun Office) is the ideal choice of the guests for traveling, leisure and vacation. The hotel opened in December 2011, a five-storey high building, and there are 99(sets of) guest rooms in total.

Wentang grand hotel
Wentang grand hotel locates in Jiangxi Yichun Mingyue Mountain scenic area, which is in the center of Wentang market town, about kilometers from Yichun city area. The hotel invested by Xing Fa Industrial Co., Ltd., which is owned by Yichun Sunshine group, the project investment is 173 million Yuan in total. The hotel in line with the purpose of building Mingyue Mountain Wentang hotel cultural characteristics and taste in the whole construction process, on the bases of energy saving and environmental protection effect from hotel decoration design schemes to selections of related equipments. Mingyue Mountain tourism culture elements are integrated into the whole decoration of the hotel, Chinese decoration style is used, and equipped with redwood furniture with strong Chinese cultural atmosphere serve as a foil to focus on the sublimation of the states of hot spring hotel culture and health preserving culture.
The hotel has the main building, health SPA center and guest room building according to the different functional divisions, the area is more than 13000 square meters in total, equipped with 220 guest rooms, tea ceremony reception center, health music restaurant and health top grade SPA center and other supporting facilities. In order to further improve the operation and management efficiency of the hotel, hotel professional staffs are employed to form a management team, a top management staff with many years of hotel management experience will be in charge of the team, shall strictly make checks on each link of the formulation of hotel design program, style orientation of the dining room, supervision of the site decoration and training of the staff, and strive to create the only one hotel with an unique cultural theme in Wentang and even the whole province.


Landscape hot spring sanatorium (Kuang Liao)

Mingyue Mountain landscape hot spring sanatorium of Bureau of Geological and Mineral Resource Prospecting& Development of Jiangxi Province (hereinafter referred to as "Mingyue Mountain Kuang Liao") is located in Yichun Wentang Mingyue Mountain tourism scenic area, covers an area of 4800 square areas, is a multifunctional comprehensive sanatorium integrated with occupational diseases rehabilitation and recuperation, health care, hot spring resort, conference training, business reception and summer vacation etc. Kuang Liao was established in the late 70s, affiliated with the Bureau of Geological and Mineral Resource Prospecting& Development of Jiangxi Province. After more than thirty years of construction and excellent development, it has become one of the most influential units in Wentang area, led the rapid development of the territorial utilization of hot springs and tourism developing, and in the process of which has created their own features and brands.
Kuang Liao is located in the national forest park, where is under the Mingyue Mountain, the trees in the park make a pleasant shade, elegant environment, unique architectural style, rockery fountain and is an provincial landscaping advanced unit. There are 12 various functional buildings, including luxury villas, three star hotel with more than 350 beds, multifunctional conference room, dining room, spa, recreation facilities and leisure square etc. After many years of the development, Kuang Liao has become a major brand of Yichun tourism.

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