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Se-enriching chrysanthemum tea

Se-enriching chrysanthemum is golden yellow chamomile which is the specialty in the mountain area of Mingyue Mountain, and was named because of the favor of the Northern Song Dynasty emperor Song Zhezong, is an indispensable chrysanthemum variety of later generations of imperial gardens. Chrysanthemum planting, picking and processing of Mingyue Mountain area have continued till the present day. Chemical fertilizers and pesticides are not used in the process    of Se-enriching chrysanthemum planting, making checks at all levels of the process flow, which makes the baked scented tea lace shining bright, and flavour rich graceful. This is one of the reasons of Mingyun Mountain Se-enriching chrysanthemum is more beautiful and more fragrant than ordinary chrysanthemum.

Se-enriching chrysanthemum tea is rich in very high drinking value. Making tea with Mingyue Mountaion Se-enriching chrysanthemum, the odor is fragrant, which can relieve summer heat, produce saliva, prevent wind, soothe the throat, raise the eye and dispel the effects of alcohol. Daisy petals contain multi-amino acids, vitamine and trace elements, most of the flavonoids can penetrate into the water in tea drinking. It has the effects of reducing blood press, eliminating cancer cells, expanding the coronary artery and anti-bacteria, drinking for a long period can improve the calcium in human bodies, regulate the myocardial function and reduce the cholesterol, and suitable for the elderly and the drinking when preventing epidemic conjunctivitis.

Pure Se-enriching rice


Se-enriching rice naturally contains selenium and no additives, and the palate is sweet, soft and elastic. Only sell our own rice+ Farmers direct sales + Cheap prices + Super quality, all will be spoken with the taste of rise! The planting base of Wentang selenium products is located at Shebu, which is the long life village in Wentang town, near the national 5A level Mingyue Mountain scenic spot, a place to be elegant and graceful, and only to let you and your family eat reassuring and healthy rice!

Mingyue Mountain selenium bamboo wine


Mingyue Mountain bamboo wine is produced from Mingyue Mountain scenic spot, with an elevation of about 1000 meters, one hundred thousand mu of flowing bamboo, a wild profusion of vegetation, stretches continuously. Mingyue Mountain is famous in the world for Se-enriching soil. Selenium bamboo wine chooses high quality sorghum puree wine, follows the ancestral steeping wine techniques, takes the moso bamboo cavities without any industrial pollution as the carriers, artificially injected into the bamboo cavities, raising wine in the bamboos, feeding wine with the bamboos, communing with the bamboos, like nature litself. For 3-5 years brewing, take the wine by chapping down the bamboos, the color and luster will be golden emerald, fragrant and mellow, soft and sweet, gladden people's hearts and a long finish. Moonyue Mountain selenium bamboo wine has multiple functions of mild-natured and warming the stomach, clearing the liver and boosting the spleen, promoting blood circulation and enriching the blood, smoothing the gas and relieving restlessness and helping digestion and producing saliva etc. Selenium bamboo wine is a pure green, the original ecology, high Se-enriching and pollution-free high-end drink. As everyone knows, bamboo leaves are polysaccharides, polyketides and antioxidant, Mingyue Mountain selenium bamboo wine fully absorbs the nature bamboo juice, and is rich in selenium, zinc, iron, calcium, magnesium and other multiple vitamins and amino acid active ingredients. It is a type of original ecological health wine, and which is more fragrant, more pure and more environmentally friendly than white spirit.

Selenium spring skin care products


Yan Control Biological Technology Co., Ltd. is located in the first national ecological city of Yichun national 5A scenic spot mountain hot water moon. Yan is a leading selenium spa skin care leadership brand, R & D, design and production, sales of Biotechnology Co., ltd.. Mingyueshan rich hot springs water, year-round water temperature maintained at 68-72 DEG C, the water is clear and transparent, colorless and tasteless, contains 20 kinds of essential trace elements. Spring to "selenium" expensive, selenium can help people improve immunity, anti-aging, detoxification. "High selenium sweet" is expensive in expensive, which is characteristic of Yichun Mingyueshan largest water rich hot springs.

Selenium hot spring care cosmetics the most famous brand, Yan se selenium spring skin care products". Let you enjoy life and enjoy beauty. Edge foam edge deposited selenium spring mask, so that you double absorption, more beautiful. The color control of selenium toner extraction of hot water well water, super penetration, direct muscle bottom, deep water.

"Hot guy" selenium rich spiced salt preserved egg


"Hot guy" selenium rich spiced salt preserved egg is a traditional native Mingyue Mountain scenic spot for about one hundred years. The product uses the hot water rich hot springs natural unique and not hardenedlead-free preserved technology, through high temperature cooking molding, ancestral secret recipe combined with modern technology, through 18 strict procedure and refined, do real lead-free production process. Thepreserved egg salted egg yolk protein like, like, there are both preserved egg and salted egg flavor, delicious,and Marinated Egg fragrance, famous for its delicious taste has multiple.
"Hot guy" selenium rich spiced salt preserved egg
Five advantages:
1 using the Mingyue Mountain surrounding ecological release to the wild Salted Duck Egg as main raw material;
2 content higher in duck
3 using lead-free technology not hardening curing, like salty duck's egg, do real lead-free production process;
4 Jiangxi province salt preserved egg industry was the first high standard of enterprise
5 selenium salt preserved egg industrialization initiative Enterprises.

Mingyuw Mountaion hot spring fermented bean curd


Mingyuw Mountaion hot spring fermented bean curd is the crystallization of traditional craft and modern management, chooses the material to be fastidious, chooses the Mingyue Mountain pollution-free ridge soybeans as raw materials, adopts 307 meters deep underground hot spring water with an annual temperature above 69 degrees as auxiliary materials, produced through natural fermentation, and is the crystallization of Yichun folk food.

Runtiancui natural selenium-containing mineral water


Originating from 470 meters underground diamond mineral water sources of the national geological park and Mount Mingyueshan National Park, enterprises set up factories in the water sources, direct water-in-taking for filling through modern advanced water treatment technology, on the basis of constant content of original trace elements, ensure a cold and crystal-clear, mellow and full, transparent and delicate natural taste of the mineral water, and have kept the natural endowments of original geology. Three indexes: selenium, strontium and metasilicic acid in spring water are reached and superior to national potable natural mineral water standard, is one of the rarest varieties of mineral waters in China.

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